Friday, November 23, 2012

And on that day the Lord spake these words, "Thou shalt not listen to Christmas music until the time I have ordained." The wal-mart employees took heed, and on that day they were delivered from eternal damnation. 

If there is one thing I absolutely, positively cannot stand, it is unseasonable Christmas music. Black Friday is not the first day of Christmas! Everyone knows that black Friday is the day we all recover from our food comas. It's the day we sleep in, eat pie for breakfast, and then spend the rest of the day watching cartoons with our family. That is the sole purpose of black Friday, and there is absolutely nothing at Wal-mart that can't wait until at least Saturday.

Technically I should be doing homework on my break, but I'll leave to your imagination the actual amount that has been accomplished (Imagine a lot, ok?). I have actually chosen a topic for the 12 page research paper that's due in two weeks. It's progress, right? I also tried working on the short story for my English class, but I've actually managed to bore myself with my own story, so I've still got a lot of work a head of me. In her column, Home Life, Alice Thomas Ellis once wrote about writers and deadlines. She said that if she were locked in a room to finish an article by the deadline, she'd try to get out, rather than actually sitting down and writing. That's about how I feel. Nothing dries up the creative juices like a professor cracking the whip and bellowing, "Create!" I promise I'll do homework tomorrow. I promise, I promise! Which is not what I said yesterday (yeah, right).

But what I've neglected in the homework department I've made up in the housewife-ly department. I actually made pie crust for the first time, and, yes, they turned out great. Not one single person in our house died after eating them, thank you very much. I've also baked a batch of Ginger Snaps (now totally devoured) and a batch of those-cookies-with-choc chips-walnuts-&-coffee (delicious, by the way). I'm not letting my family near the latter because I promised everyone back at school that they'd get some cookies too. Tomorrow, after I finish all my homework, I'm going to make Lebkuchen, a traditional German cookie!

Well, it's past midnight, and I'm still up, even though I told myself to go to bed hours ago. So I think I'd better call it a night!

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